TECNIAERO is the only Uruguayan manufacturer of WIND CONES WITH MAST and WINDSOCKSmade under O.A.C.I. for different applications

In addition to being used in Heliports, Airports and Aerodromes, Wind Indicators or Wind Cones are used in large chemical and petrochemical industries, where knowing the direction of the wind is of fundamental importance in case of dangerous gas leaks, and evacuation of personnel was necessary.

For night operations they will be provided with a simple obstacle light and internal or external projectors for the illumination of the wind indicator.

"Our design is based on the ICAO directives in its Annex 14 Article and FAA directives L-807 specification (AC 150/5345-27C) for 12-foot wind cones."

Available sizes are 18, 24 and 36 inches


Made in galvanized iron tube constitutes a robust structure, to provide vane effect, keeping open the initial part of the sleeve; the assembly rotates freely on bearings.


The standard sleeves are in orange color although the customer can choose to sleeve to stripes red and white.


It consists of a support tube with a junction box at the top, to which are fixed four steel arms, finished in lampholder. The lamps PAR38 have a power of 80W for airports and heliports respectively, 220V, base E27, 2,000 hours of life.


only for the illuminated wind indicator version) a simple obstacle light with 60W lamps, 220-240V, E27 base, 8,000 hours of life (long life type) is mounted on the top of the wind indicator, .


Made of galvanized steel tube, complete with anchor base in steel plate. In this base is a main bolt that also allows the indicator down for easy and safe maintenance of the lighting system and the replacement of the sleeve. A support is provided, consisting of a post with base to prevent the indicator from touching the ground and can be folded back to its original position after maintenance.


220V single-phase AC, 50Hz, with earth connection included.

Distributed by a junction box fixed to the post or indicator mast


The wind indicator must be mounted to the ground on a corresponding concrete base with embedded anchor bolts, also supplied by TECNIAERO


Made of lightweight synthetic fabric in the shape of a truncated cone with a maximum diameter of 0.90 m and a minimum of 0.45 m and a length of 3.75 m for an airport sleeves and a maximum diameter of 0,60 m and a minimum of 0, 30m, and 2.40m long for heliport sleeves.

The height of the center of the sleeve on the ground is 5.40m and 3.40m respectively.

Our standard sleeves are in orange color although the customer can choose to sleeve to stripes red and white


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